Tiny Green Paws’ for a cause

Here at TGP we are dedicated to the welfare of all animals. Most of our furry family are adopted or rescued. Because of this we are aware of the importance of animal shelters, rescues, rehabilitation groups and sanctuaries. Most of which are nonprofit with zero government funding. They rely solely on donations of the local and global communities for support. These are amazing individuals who care for, rehabilitate, rehome and protect animals great and small in their time of need. True selfless warriors in the battle for animals’ safety and wellbeing.

We at TGP feel it is our duty to help in whatever way we can. We donate, volunteer, and share on social media whenever possible. We invite you to do the same and join the wonderful community of supporters. Anything you can offer whether it be your time, donations, or sharing on social media, every little bit helps.

Here are some animal welfare groups dear to our hearts. Links are provided if you are interested in getting involved.

We hope to help every organization listed here. There are so many animals in need. We encourage you to find an animal welfare group locally or globally that speaks to your heart.


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Thank you for your support and joining the cause