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30 day supply for a medium sized dog.
Loving ingredients like golden paste, bone broth, and flax seeds makes this treat Good for Chew!
This delicious treat can aid in the following:
Inflammation and joint health
Protects against free radicals
Supports a healthy immune system
Insulin insensitivity
Rich in dietary fiber and high quality proteins for a happier, healthier gut
Loaded with allergy safe Omega-3 and Amino acids to help improve your dogs coat.
XSm Dog (1-10 lbs) 1/4 Chew
Sm Dog (10-20 lbs) 1/2 Chew
Med Dog (20-50 lbs) 1 Chew
Lrg Dog (50-100 lbs) 2 Chews
XLrg Dog (100+ lbs) 2 Chews + 1 Chew per each additional 30 lbs
The above dosing can be given once a day for overall maintenance and up to 3 times a day for specific needs at your discretion
Organic coconut oil
Black pepper
Ground flax seed
Bone broth (Beef marrow bones, water, garlic, apple cider vinegar, rosemary and sage)

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